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Debbie Abbott
Debbie Abbott@PUREHEARTBUL Cooper (Tazer)
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My dealings with PUREHEARTBUL (@pureheartbullmastiffs) was very easy and exceptionally transparent and extremely an enjoyable interaction all round. Would recommend to any future bullmastiff family. - Debbie Abbott
Jaydeandnugget@PUREHEARTBUL Rebel Carla (Scout)
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Introducing the newest member of our little family. Scout (Rebel), we are all smitten, Tex stepped into the big brother role very naturally. Huge thanks to Karen @pureheartbullmastiffs for helping us during this week and allowing us to bring Scout into our home. - Jayde Cooper
Fiona Brown
Fiona Brown@PUREHEARTBUL Frantic Fran (Elvie)
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*Wow! Pure Heart Bullmastiffs. Perfect name for what they deliver. Our 7-month-old Elvie is perfect for us. Her personality is fantastic - soft and gentle; protective and caring; crazy and fun. She makes us laugh, sigh, and be so very grateful to have her in our lives. Oh yes, Pure Heart Bullmastifss have been awesome to deal with!
Mick and Libby
Mick and Libby@PUREHEARTBUL Coco (Mollie)
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We have been so excited to welcome Mollie into our home and shower her with love. She is the most wonderful, affectionate dog and I know this all comes down to her breeding and the amazing love and care Karen and Graeme give to raising their puppies. Every step of this process has been made easier by Karen who goes above and beyond - you can see her passion for good, ethical breeding shining through. We felt well informed and well supported throughout the process of waiting for a puppy and then bringing Mollie home. We are so grateful we found Pureheartbul!
Shannon Clinghan
Shannon Clinghan@PUREHEARTBUL Bonnie
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"We have been blessed to welcome Bonnie in our hearts and family. We cannot thank Pure Heart Bullmastiffs enough for trusting us with one of their mature aged furbabies. Karen and Graeme are genuinely the nicest people, they are open, honest, passionate, knowledgeable; an absolute pleasure to deal with. They breed amazing quality dogs and they do it with love. My experience with Pure Heart Bullmastiffs has been and continues to be incredible.
Sarah Jobst
Sarah Jobst@PUREHEARTBUL Conan (Titus)
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"Conan (Titus) has the most wonderful temperament! Karen also has been so warm, helpful, and welcoming. Pure Heart of gold!"

Ways to Keep Your Dog Fit,

Healthy, and Living The Best Life

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your pup has the best quality of life possible. This means providing them with proper nutrition, plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, and regular visits to the vet. Today, Pure Heart Bullmastiffs shares some tips and advice on how to help your pup stay fit and healthy.

Look to Superfoods to Enhance Your Dog’s Diet

Feeding your pup a healthy diet is key to their long-term health and well-being. There are appealing options, such as grain-free or these dry dog foods, as they contain more nutrients than traditional kibble. When selecting a new food for your pup, make sure to read the labels carefully, as some may be high in fat and sugar content. Make sure you keep your pup’s diet balanced and filled with quality foods for the best results.

Invest in Activity-Enhancing Toys for Your Dog

Most dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise each day to remain healthy. Many larger breeds, like bullmastiffs, require extra activity to keep them happy and healthy. In fact, two hours of exercise is best for these breeds. Investing in toys or products that can encourage activity levels, such as interactive treat dispensers, puzzle toys, or even a treadmill, can keep your pup active while indoors. Additionally, Rover.com notes that these items can provide mental stimulation, which is just as important as physical activity when it comes to keeping your dog healthy.

Create a Weight Management Plan With Your Pet’s Vet

Having a healthy pup is an important part of keeping them safe and happy. If you notice that your pup is carrying around extra weight, The American Kennel Club points out that it’s essential to work with your vet on creating a diet and exercise plan tailored specifically for them. Your vet can recommend specific foods or exercises for your pup to lose weight safely without compromising its overall health.

Avoid Overfeeding

It can be hard to say no to those adorable puppy eyes, but overfeeding can lead to dangerous health problems. Be sure to follow your vet’s recommended daily feeding plan and limit treats whenever possible so that your pup doesn’t consume too much during the week. Creating good eating habits from a young age will ensure your pup stays healthy for many years to come.

Don’t Skimp on Durability

Taking your pup for a walk outside requires proper preparation and the right gear. Invest in quality leashes and harnesses to keep them secure when going for a stroll around town or playing with other dogs at the park. If your large dog pulls, look into additional tools like a Gentle Leader or Sidekick that can help you get more control without being pulled off your feet. Reflective collars and vests are also great for nighttime walks as they make your pup more visible, keeping them safe at all times.

Find the Right Exercise Regimen for Your Dog

Finally, regular activities such as walks and trips to the local dog park are essential for a long, healthy life. These activities allow your furry friend to stay active both physically and mentally, helping them remain happy and content. These activities can also be used as an excellent opportunity for bonding with your pup. Plus, getting out of the house and walking more will be great for your health and mental well-being, too!

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Taking care of our furry friends requires dedication from us pet owners, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Investing in high-quality food and making sure they get plenty of exercise are just a couple of things we can do to ensure our pups stay fit and healthy. By following all of the above, we can give our beloved pets the life they deserve.

Are you looking for a new four-legged family member? Then look for our upcoming litters at Pure Heart Bullmastiffs!

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