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Powerbullmas Wagga Wagga

Bonnie - Born 20 July 2019

This is our Bonnie lass at 5 months, weighing approximately 25 kgs. She has an amazing temperament with an attitude of not giving up. Now though she is a stocky ball of muscle weighing in at 60kgs.

She is a little ball of muscle and not afraid to give something a go from running and tackling her mate Locki to the ground even though she walks under him.

The Scottish meaning of Bonnie is “attractive or beautiful – a bonnie lass”.

Her playfulness with Locki is an absolute joy to watch. They chase each other and when she gets that twinkle in her eye; look out Locki she is coming and the chase is on. With one leap Locki is over her and gone. Her agility is incredible as she out runs him just as quick as he leaps over her. She is affectionately known as wheels due to the strength of her muscle-bound rear end.

Our Bonnie lass is a spirited gal who loves to please and give us cuddles though will not lick you. In fact, at meals times she is already sitting in her spot, waiting for the cuddle and her dinner to be served. This act has now rubbed off on Angus because he is doing exactly the same.

Boo came into season first and then 10 days later so did Bonnie. The girls have spent a lot of this time in isolation from Locki and have bonded together in AI bliss.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

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