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Jaydeandnugget@PUREHEARTBUL Rebel Carla
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Introducing the newest member of our little family. Scout (Rebel), we are all smitten, Tex stepped into the big brother role very naturally. Huge thanks to Karen @pureheartbullmastiffs for helping us during this week and allowing us to bring Scout into our home. - Jayde Cooper
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Pureheartbul Dainty Lady Ava (AI)

Ava - Born 1st June 2021

Ava is our first bred female.

She comes from Australian blood lines Shallowwell Lord Nightfall (Hercules) and our beautiful Dukory Silver Blue (Boo).

The girls name Ava in both Persian and Urdu means voice; in Hebrew it means “life” and in Latin it means bird; water, island. This is very poetic for our girl Ava as she was born via emergency c-section after her two brothers were born natually and we didn’t know if she was going to make it. Since her birth she has found her voice, loves water and is called Dainty Lady as she is the exact opposite, a bull-dozer and gives it to her brother Argos. They are a pigeon pair and love each others company.

This magnificent, cheeky and naughty girl is the spitting image of her mother Boo, however in looks only. She is playful and full on at times and runs rings around the whole tribe. It’s fun watching the interactions she has with all the others. She is submission when needed and bossy to Argos.

Our first mating will be with Angus when she is past 18 months of age. She will be a great mum as she has been Auntie Ava to Angus and Bonnie’s litter and I believe she wanders around and counts them each morning to make sure that they are all there.

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.

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