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Jaydeandnugget@PUREHEARTBUL Rebel Carla
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Introducing the newest member of our little family. Scout (Rebel), we are all smitten, Tex stepped into the big brother role very naturally. Huge thanks to Karen @pureheartbullmastiffs for helping us during this week and allowing us to bring Scout into our home. - Jayde Cooper
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Argos with puppy PUREHEARTBUL Cooper on his back

Pureheartbul Wiggle It Argos (AI)

Argos - Born 10th July 2022

Argos is a stunning brindle boy who is the future of our breeding stock.

He comes from Australian blood lines Shallowwell Lord Nightfall (Hercules) and our beautiful Dukory Silver Blue (Boo).

The name Argos meaing in Ancient Greek – had a good ironic pun in the two adjectives ARGOS, one meaning “quick, agile, swift,” the other “idle, lazy.” This sums up our boy perfectly. He is called wiggle it as he wiggled right out at birth without his sack and hasn’t stopped wiggling since.

Agros is a gentle soul who loves his sibling Ava. They play rough, hard, chase each other and barrel each other with affection and sibling rivalry.

He has taken to being Uncle Argos to the puppies and licks them clean. The puppies love him and follow him around the pen. He is truly a gentle giant.

My first breeding with this boy will be with Powerbulmas Wagga Wagga (Bonnie) and then Pureheartbul Cora The Explora when she is of age.

“Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.”

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