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Debbie Abbott
Debbie Abbott@PUREHEARTBUL Cooper (Tazer)
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My dealings with PUREHEARTBUL (@pureheartbullmastiffs) was very easy and exceptionally transparent and extremely an enjoyable interaction all round. Would recommend to any future bullmastiff family. - Debbie Abbott
Jaydeandnugget@PUREHEARTBUL Rebel Carla (Scout)
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Introducing the newest member of our little family. Scout (Rebel), we are all smitten, Tex stepped into the big brother role very naturally. Huge thanks to Karen @pureheartbullmastiffs for helping us during this week and allowing us to bring Scout into our home. - Jayde Cooper
Fiona Brown
Fiona Brown@PUREHEARTBUL Frantic Fran (Elvie)
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*Wow! Pure Heart Bullmastiffs. Perfect name for what they deliver. Our 7-month-old Elvie is perfect for us. Her personality is fantastic - soft and gentle; protective and caring; crazy and fun. She makes us laugh, sigh, and be so very grateful to have her in our lives. Oh yes, Pure Heart Bullmastifss have been awesome to deal with!
Mick and Libby
Mick and Libby@PUREHEARTBUL Coco (Mollie)
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We have been so excited to welcome Mollie into our home and shower her with love. She is the most wonderful, affectionate dog and I know this all comes down to her breeding and the amazing love and care Karen and Graeme give to raising their puppies. Every step of this process has been made easier by Karen who goes above and beyond - you can see her passion for good, ethical breeding shining through. We felt well informed and well supported throughout the process of waiting for a puppy and then bringing Mollie home. We are so grateful we found Pureheartbul!

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Angus and Boo Successfully Bred

Update 19th September 2023

We are very excited to announce that Boo’s pregnacy is confirmed and puppies due date is 16th October 2023…

Update 17th August 2023

Our next breeding is now underway with Angus and Boo. Boo has been cleared for breeding by our veterinarian. This pair are getting some special one-on-one time with each other and Angus is a boy in love. He is so smitten with her that he won’t leave her side although she’s still the boss.

As a natural mating was not successful we arranged two natural AI’s with our veterinarian and if successful Boo’s due date will be 16th October 2023. This means that puppies will be available around 11th December 2023.

As always updates will be advertised on my Facebook page. 

Update 27th June 2023
Here at Pure Heart Bullmastiff’s, our breeding plan is always about the needs of our dogs and to follow the DogsNSW Regulations. Puppies will be available following these guidelines thus ensuring our bitches are safe.

We look for special homes for our fur babies and we are looking for owners who can give our puppies a loving home with a safe environment.

With our litter from Angus and Bonnie done I have decide to retire Bonnie and will be looking to re-home her when she has recovered from her speying in the next few weeks and once cleared by out Veterinarian. If you are interested in taking on an almost 4 year old adult female then please give me a call on 0414 680 157.

We are now preparing for our next mating with Angus and Boo. Boo is scheduled to come into season around August to September 2023. As this is not an exact science, dates of course may change.

I have decided to remove the waiting list from my application process as I now believe that when someone are ready for a puppy they will be in contact. Of course, I am always available to for a chat to discuss purchasing a puppy or any questions you may have.

Puppy Pricing 2023/2024

Our puppies will be sold on Limited Register at $4,500 for a puppy regardless of sex.

Limited Registration is the way most breeders sell their puppies in an aim to protect their breed. 

Therefore they are NOT TO BE BREED FROM OR SHOWN.

Puppy Purchase

A deposit of $1,000 will be required if you are selected to receive a puppy with full payment required prior to leaving our kennel. The signing of an Agreement of Sale of a Puppy on a Limited Register form will be required prior to the puppy leaving our property.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

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